The Best Applications For Creating Free Email Newsletters


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I send-out a free monthly newsletter for people who just want to get my choices for the best posts of each month. I hadn’t really thought much about the value of monthly newsletters until I read an interesting post today in TechCrunch about a new super-simple application that lets you create email newsletters called TinyLetter. Here’s an excerpt describing the advantages of an email newsletter:

… if you don’t blog daily, you won’t build an audience, but email newsletters can be sent out weekly and have a built in audience. And people check their email everyday. And people can reply to emails…

That all makes sense to me.

So, given that, I thought I’d write a short “The Best…” list sharing some easy and free ways to create your own email newsletter.

Here are my choices for The Best Applications For Creating Free Email Newsletters:

I use Feedblitz for my own monthly newsletter.

There’s the app I wrote about at the beginning of this post call TinyLetter.


Nourish is a ” free newsletter service that allows you to convert any RSS feed into an automated email newsletter your readers can subscribe to.”


If those aren’t enough choices, Mashable has a lengthy list (though it’s three years old and probably has quite a few outdated links) of other email newsletter applications.

FlashIssue is a new free tool that lets you easily create email newsletters. Here’s a video about it:

Wix, the popular website-creating tool, has announced a new feature they call Shout Out that lets you send out a newsletter. It appears that you have to first create a website on the site, and I’m not too sure how easy it is to import email addresses, but it’s still clearly something I should add here.

Here’s a video explaining how it works:

Revue is a new tool for creating email newsletters. It’s only free to use if you don’t have more than 200 subscribers, but it’s not very expensive if you have larger numbers. You can read more about it at TechCruch.

Feedback is welcome.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I’m a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


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