10 Tips to Safeguard Your Smartphone, Tablet & PC


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10 Tips to Safeguard Your Smartphone, Tablet & PC

Downloading a movie or a song from online may be dangerous sometimes, as manyonline hackers have their eyes stuck on just one mistake that we make.

With the 4G on the rise, downloading and incoming of the virus have become speedy too. The following useful hacks to keep in mind to avoid ourselves from online threats.

Are you tired of the frequent slowdown or phone hang? If yes, your phone is bitten by a bug called ‘Virus.’ Read the below-given guidelines and stay away from Hackers!

1. Use the Latest Security Software

Make a point to upgrade all your electronic devices with the latest security software. This security software are inherited with several security-related features that protect your electronic gizmos.

Internet threats include hackers that block your personal accounts can be avoided with this.  Along with virus protection, it is equipped with additional functions like firewall, spam filters that safeguard our devices.

2. Keep your Apps Up to Date

You need to update your Android, Mac OS, and Windows on a regular basis. Keep yourself upgraded with all the latest versions available for your electronic devices.

Use a Wi-Fi connection to update all your applications which decrease the risk of a virus entering your devices.

3. Build a Safe and Strong Password

Be smart to develop a secure password that may be tricky for the hacker to even think about! Your password must be at least eight characters consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters and some special characters, making it difficult to guess.

Freeware Password Managers can help you to prepare a creative password.

4. Choose Encrypted Connections for Safe Data Transfer

While online shopping or banking, always select encrypted connections for a secured data transfer.

Encrypted Connections always begin with ‘https,’ denoted as URL. Shop hard, but don’t fall into the hands of online hackers! Make sure you remember these things while usingonline transactions.

5. Beware while using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi may be alluring to download your favorite movie or to surf the YouTube. But don’t forget it cannot be safe even to connect your mobile phone to the Wi-Fi.

For online banking and emailing a sensitive document, it is recommended to use your home internet connectivity.

6. Personal documents

Some online hackers may ask you for your personal information and disclose all your confidential details to third parties.

While accepting the terms and conditions online, you may be getting trapped in the hands of awful hackers. Make sure! You pay attention to this, as a small mistake may put you into a pool of problems.

7. Never Believe in Free Stuffs

There are an enormous number of hawkers waiting to lure online users with free apps, games and many other web offers. Never believe them, they may consist of huge numbers of virus waiting to come into your devices.

‘Free’ can be dangerous! But there are genuine apps like Nomao, Blackmart Alpha, TuTuApp etc. that are safe to use but they are not available on Google Play Store.

8. Opt for only Secured Sources

Always accept files, documents from only trustworthy sources. Keep a habit of downloading apps or games only from Google Play Store and iTunes.

Whenever you click on the download button, a message pops up asking permission to download files from unknown sources. Make sure you pay heed to such messages instead of ignoring it.

9. Back up your Data Every day

Regular data backups reduce the risk of being extorted by online hackers. This also helps to secure all your data when you lose your phone.

Make sure you have a daily, weekly or monthly backup so that your data is secured whenever needed.

10. Delete Data before Discarding your Device

Remove all your data before you discard a PC, smartphone or USB. Use the delete functions available on Windows, Android or OS.

The data you may have deleted can be reconstructed with the help of data recovery applications. Get rid of all your data completely by using proper delete functions.

Get acquainted with these simple ways that help you to get complete online protection. There’s always a chance to get your device hacked! So implement the above-given security hacks to play safe!

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