Performance Influencing Factors (PIFs)


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Performance Influencing Factors (PIFs) are the characteristics of the job, the individual and the organisation that influence human performance. Optimising PIFs will reduce the likelihood of all types of human failure.

NB. This list is not exhaustive

Job factors

! Clarity of signs, signals, instructions and other information

! System/equipment interface (labelling, alarms, error avoidance/ tolerance)

! Difficulty/complexity of task

! Routine or unusual

! Divided attention

! Procedures inadequate or inappropriate

! Preparation for task (e.g. permits, risk assessments, checking)

! Time available/required

! Tools appropriate for task

! Communication, with colleagues, supervision, contractor, other

! Working environment (noise, heat, space, lighting, ventilation) Person factors

! Physical capability and condition

! Fatigue (acute from temporary situation, or chronic)

! Stress/morale

! Work overload/underload

! Competence to deal with circumstances

! Motivation vs. other priorities Organisation factors

! Work pressures e.g. production vs. safety

! Level and nature of supervision / leadership

! Communication

! Manning levels

! Peer pressure

! Clarity of roles and responsibilities

! Consequences of failure to follow rules/procedures

! Effectiveness of organisational learning (learning from experiences)

! Organisational or safety culture, e.g. everyone breaks the rules

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