Anime Amino Warning about Blue Whale Game


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A Message To All Users!

Recently, a “game” called the Blue Whale Game or Blue Whale Challenge surfaced social media platforms in numerous countries around the world.


What Is It?

An anonymous person asks users on social media to download an app from the internet. This hacks their phone, giving the anonymous person their private information such as name, phone number, school, and address. From there, an extremely dangerous game starts. It should be avoided at all costs and causes participants to take part in self harm, harm to others, and possibly suicide.


What To Do If Messaged

If someone messages you, asking you to play a game, don’t enter the chat and just flag the message. The user will be taken care of.

(Image from Google)


Action That Will Take Place

If you are caught making public chats, blogs, and/or messaging users, convincing them to take part in the Blue Whale Game, you WILL be banned immediately.

Even those caught mimicking the game and/or trolling others about it WILL be banned. Don’t be stupid.

And in case you didn’t see, “WILL be banned”. This means no strikes leading up to it, but a straight up ban.


Stay safe!:wave:🏼


– That leader on leader amino is not a Team Amino mod. (Referring to some comments left on here that provides a link to Leader Amino)

– Different sources say different things.

– The screenshot of the Team Amino mod comment just talks about how it hasn’t occurred on AA (yet)

– Trolls will mimic it. Main point of the post was if they convince users to play, they will get banned.

– Better safe than sorry

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