Pharmaceutical Plant Concept and Layout example


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PlantOur plant was constructed in 1981 by Sandoz Yakuhin, the forerunner of the present Novartis Pharma, designed and supervised based on a European concept. Branching off from a roughly 180 m long central corridor are interconnected buildings for manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, engineering/maintenance, and QC testing. We also have a separate pharmaceutical laboratory.
The plant site covers around 65,000 m2, with a total floor area of around 38,000 m2, and offers plenty of scope for future expansion.

List of pharmaceutical and packaging devices (Open as PDF)

Manufacturing Buildings
All our manufacturing buildings use pressure difference management to prevent contamination from the manufacturing rooms to the clean corridor, with positive air pressure on the clean corridor side and negative pressure on the manufacturing room side. In addition, we maintain the manufacturing areas at a cleanliness class of 100,000, with the room temperature held at between 18 to 28°C and humidity levels of between 40 and 60%. The No. 2 Manufacturing Building has a vertical flow system (vertical transport), and we are working on increasing efficiency by using automation and automatic transport systems so that we can even operate at night.

No. 1 Mfg: General manufacturing
No. 2 Mfg: General manufacturing
No. 3 Mfg: Hormone manufacturing, packaging
No. 5 Mfg: General manufacturing
No. 6 Mfg: High potency drug manufacturing

This is divided into an area for primary and secondary packaging for solid pharmaceuticals and an area for secondary packaging for injectables. The primary packaging area is maintained at a cleanliness class of 100,000, with the room temperature held at between 18 to 28°C and humidity levels of between 40 and 60%. The secondary packaging area is has a room temperature held at between 18 to 28°C. All packaging lines in the secondary packaging area are divided by partitions in order to prevent contamination and create a proper working environment.

We have two major warehouses. The first is a large automated high-rise warehouse, and the other is a refrigerated warehouse. The automated high-rise warehouse is managed using an AGV (automated guided vehicle) system and computers, as we work to automate the distribution system to the warehouse, the central corridor, and the various manufacturing buildings. The refrigerated warehouse has its own backup power supply to cope with any unexpected power outages. We also have a special storage area for hazardous substances.
Temperature management No. of pallets that can be stored Main items stored
Automated high-rise warehouse 8°C to 25°C 3,400 Raw materials, semi-finished products, final products, materials
Refrigerated warehouse 2°C to 8°C About 500 All products requiring refrigeration
Plant Layout
Plant Layout

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