NLP Techniques


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There are many different NLP techniques that can be used for many different purposes. Each NLP technique can be used by itself or in combination with other NLP techniques to create fresh and effective methods of “getting inside the mind”. To read more about each specific technique, just click on one of the icons below, or use the left navigation menu.

Anchoring Anchoring
Implants a sensation into the mind to act as a trigger.
Pattern Interruption Pattern Interruption
Used to leave unconscious messages in the mind.
Swish Swish
Replaces or changes the feelings associated with a condition.
Loop Break Loop Break
Controls feelings, behaviours or reactions to certain conditions.
Framing Framing
Increases or decreases emotional response to memories.
Meta Model NLP Meta Model
Helps clarify communication.
Meta Model Presuppositions
Makes an unconscious suggestion
Meta Model Mirroring
Builds rapport and trust

There are far more NLP techniques that I’ve still not written about, including a few cutting edge new NLP techniques (like Loop Break) that are based on finding a common link between Neurology and Psychology.

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