Resin production process control


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Resin production workshop

Pipeline of automation workshop

Alkyd resin reaction control system

BATCH control

Technical Features:
1. The manner of using the separate heat exchanger to achieve heating and cooling of the switching. Having the effect of a high precision temperature control,simple pipeline,energy saving, the use of this system which can effectively avoid the impact of fluctuations in the temperature of the hot oil on the reaction temperature.
2. The precise temperature control of the distillation head. By regulating the flow of cooling water, controlling the temperature of the distillation head precisely, make solvent for evaporation and loss rate to a minimum.
3. Integrated automation control system.Control system adopt the recipe control, the production process can be continuous and automatic operation,improve the consistency of product and safety.System has data.interface,allow to print and save the curve and data of the production process,it can also send to the ERP database. Can choose BATCH control mode which accord with ISA88.1.
4. Safety chain protection function. The system has many chain protection function, ensure the safety of the production process.
5. Accurate measurement of the material. Use electronic says or mass flowmeter measurement of materials according to the characteristics of the material, measurement error can be less than five over one thousand. Use decrement method control the drip,high accuracy,and have the interlock control with reaction temperature.
6. System reserve viscosity and pH automated detection interface, access the system when the technology is mature.


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