NLP Dissociative Technique


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V/K Dissociation

  1. Establish an anchor for the “Here and Now” state. If the person gets stuck in an associative place with the original event, the “Here and Now” anchor may be used to return the person to the present. Also anchor a “calm, relaxed” state.
  2. Ask the person to remember the last time the reaction occurred. (In some cases, TIME Techniques may be needed to deal with the root cause.)
  3. Anchor that state, interrupt the state, then test the anchor.
  4. Instruct the person to place that scene on an imaginary television or movie screen with all the attendant feelings.
  5. Tell the person to run the movie to the most traumatic part and then freeze that frame. Tell tale person to imagine floating out of his/her body and watch from behind the chair or a position behind.
  6. Anchor this dissociated state.
  7. Tell the person to run the scene until he/she learns something new or something not previously remembered from this perspective. When the person acknowledges this, continue to Step 9.
  8. Tell the person to talk to the younger self on the screen, stating “I am from your tomorrow and this is what I have learned…” The person is then told to nurture and comfort the younger self. The person is to accept the younger self as part of the present existence and to bring the new learning to the present. (Fire the calm, relaxed state anchor as the person comforts the younger self.)
  9. To further solidify the disassociated state, have the person run the movie scene backwards, making the scene smaller and smaller. Fade the contrast until the scene becomes a small dot, then have the small dot spin out into space.
  10. Test and future pace.

CAUTION: When removing a phobia, caution should be observed to be sure the fear did not serve a protective function. If the fear does serve as a protective function, appropriate new learning strategies have to be installed.

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