NLP – Motivational : Four steps to getting what we want


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There are four steps that are key factors in obtaining the results that you desire. One just has to apply them fully to realize their practical effectiveness, and the dramatic changes that they can make to one’s behaviour and in one’s life. They form the basis of all human achievements.


Know what we want – One of NLP’s skills is being able to know what we want. An outcome is basically what people want. Everyone in fact knows what they want. Successful people certainly know what they want. For others, their dreams and wishes are what they really want – their desired outcomes – if only they can be realized. They can be if these people follow these four steps.

Take action – Successful people have certainly acted. Others merely harbour dreams and wishes. What these others severely lack is action. Dreams and wishes can be realized. Action, not chance, sets us on the path to achieving what we have chosen. The difficulty however lies in starting an action. There’s isn’t a choice for the only immediate action is to take action now. Once taken, it will gather momentum as we proceed to do whatever that will realize our dreams or bring about the desired achievement.

Notice the results – Constantly pay close attention to whether we are still on the correct track to achieve the goal that we have set. Accurate feedback is important here so that we know what to adjust or do next and this requires the use of our senses – looking, listening and feeling that our actions are right. Sensory inputs will guide us on the right course for the attainment of the goal.

Change what we do until we get what we want – Based on a popular saying, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”, it is obvious that we should have more choices of action to maximize our chances of success. If at first we don’t succeed, we keep varying our actions until we get what we aim for.

When these four steps are adhered to with perseverance and persistence without missing out on any one of them, success can be assured, and all efforts and time expended on the process will become really worthwhile.

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