What is Anchoring in NLP


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SOURCE: http://www.ramverma.com/about-nlp/nlp-anchoring-in-hindi.html

Anchoring is a process of learning to hold on to the states that are crucial to success.
An anchor is a stimulus: It may be a sound, an image, a touch, a smell, or a taste that triggers a consistent response in ourselves or someone else.
The ability to use anchors in NLP enables us to:
1.Access the resources (feelings and states) that we want when we want them.
2.Replace unwanted feelings and thoughts with desirable ones.
3.Gain control over our emotions.
4.Keep on course when going through periods of intense change.
5.Positively influence the response we trigger in other people.
6.Experience the day as we want, no matter what is happening in our life.

Find more about Anchoring in this video

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