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Get the Latest Drug Development and Company Performance Updates

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry is so vast that no one source can keep you up-to-date. From the latest company mergers to the newest drug approval, the business is constantly evolving. Check out these sources for free breaking news, agency announcements, trends, and analysis.


Phamaceutical manufacturing
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Geared for pharmaceutical sales professionals, aggregates daily news from traditional media and pharma bloggers. It has a very active discussion forum and can give an “inside peak” into the industry. More


EvaluatePharma offers daily and weekly “Market Movers” analysis focusing on U.S. and international drug approvals, filings, R&D, licensing and partnering agreements. It features  charts and news briefs gathered by 60 healthcare analysts, according to the company. More

Eyeforpharma feature articles and blogs by guest industry executives and consultants writing on sales and marketing topics. The site has an active forum and encourages the exchange of information. Eyeforpharma says its mission is to keep the industry focused on patients. More

FiercePharma monitors the pharmaceutical company news and provides bite-size blog analysis of industry trends and market developments. Related niche sites include FierceBiotech, FierceVaccines, and FierceDrugDelivery.  More

Patent Docs

Donald Zuhn and Kevin Noonan, the lead authors of Patent Docs, are patent lawyers specializing in pharma and biotech patent law. Their commentary on the legal aspects of the stem cell debate and gene-based patents have been first-rate and refreshingly objective More

PharmaExecBlog, the online property of Pharmaceutical Executive magazine, provides feature articles by guest columnists and staff writers. It’s written from the executives’ point of view on regulatory issues, technology news, and marketing trends. More

Pharma IQ

Pharma IQ is an interactive site that provides feature articles by pharmaceutical industry leaders, podcasts, and multimedia. It invites contributions from industry professionals from manufacturers to regulators. More


PharmaGossip’s proprietor is a self-described “Big Pharma Insider” based somewhere in the UK. The site republishes hot news of the day sometimes with insights and commentary. PharmaGossip is part of a suite of pharma-related blogs, which also includes Pharma Scold and PharmaPorn, which exist only to drive traffic to the main site. PharmaGossip’s Twitter feed is also interesting. More

Pharma Manufacturing

Like its print magazine, provides articles on best manufacturing practices, regulatory compliance, process control and automation, new technologies, and capital spending and investment. More

Pharma Marketing News

Pharmaceutical marketing consultant John Mack publishes Pharma Marketing News, a long-running independent site. Articles typically stick to pharmaceutical marketing communications, interactive technologies, and medical privacy issues. There’s plenty of news and opinion on the related blog and in the forums, too.More

PharmTech Talk

Multiple contributors to Pharmaceutical Technology’s blog, PharmTech Talk, explore manufacturing issues such as process development, formulation and drug delivery, packaging, and testing regulatory issues for peers. More

PharmaTimes is the digital version of the UK magazine of the same name. While the site focuses heavily on the National Health Service (NHS), the FDA’s counterpart, the site also provides plenty of news about world pharmaceutical news and trends with ample coverage of multinational pharmas. More

How to Find the Good Information

How can you sort the good websites from the bad? 1) Articles must provide sources. 2) The site promotes information more than it does advertising. 3) The “About” section lists publishers and contributors by name and lists their qualifications to write on the focus topic(s).

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