How many unique visitors to classify as a large site?


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Tribal Fusion is stating its traffic levels in terms of uniques. They require 1,000 uniques per day. Compare that with Burst, who requires 5,000 pageviews per month. That could be generated by 10 uniques!

I got one site with around 10,000 uniques a day, but recently I started to develop a new site that currently has only about 1,000 uniques a day….yet, this small traffic is making me triple the amount of money the large traffic site is.
because the large traffic site is made of of mostly female ..87%…aged generally between 15 to 25. In short these people DONT spend on the net.
The small traffic site is made up of mainly men aged 35 to 55. And these people DO spend on the net.
Another thing ive learnt from my credit card sales is that U.K. taffic is gold. Only 6% of my traffic comes from there but it accounts for 22% of my total sales.


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