Design Exhibition – Vanity – Radical New Designs for Going Out


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Detail of the vanity stool by Mauricio Romano
Vanity stool design by Mauricio Romano

The senior industrial design students of Western Washington University presented their new designs in the exhibition “Vanity.” They each designed a series of products around the experience of preparing to go out on the town.  Stools, make-up containers, combs, perfume bottles and cases.

Make-up accessories designed by Mauricio Romano
The Vanity design exhibition was held at the TEAGUE design studio in downtown Seattle.
Accessories designed by Aiden Borer
Stool design by Aiden Borer
Product ensemble designed by Katie Utgaard
Detail of stool seat design by Katie Utgaard
Stool design by Sarah O’Sell
Adriel Rollins discussing design details with Sarah O’Sell
Vanity stool design by Bailey Jones.
Accessory designs by Bailey Jones

See more of Bailey’s work here.

Hair tools designed by Colton Sanford
See more of Colton Sanford’s work here.
Stool by Colton Sanford
Stool and product designs by Jordan Steranka
Accessories designed by Paul Kalousek.
Stool design by Paul Kalousek.
Inside the impressive TEAGUE studio.

Western’s prestigious industrial design program only graduates 12 students each year.  And this year has been outstanding, with Mauricio Romano winning the IDSA Western District Student Merit Award.  And Western ID junior students raising $362,000 on Kickstarter for the Imbue tea infuser.

Accessories designed by Tai Geng
Products designed by Tyler Dawson

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