How To Find Blog Post Ideas Instantly


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#1: Use Amazon book listings to map out the core topics for your niche and write pillar posts for them (if you haven’t already).
#2: Use traditional keyword research to generate a massive list of topics.
#3: Reverse engineer top keywords and/or posts of your competitors to ethically borrow their ideas.
#4: Use BuzzSumo or Ahrefs to identify ultra trendy topics you can cover.
#5: Use tools to identify common questions in your niche and answer them.
#6: Brainstorm problems potential customers might have and create tutorial content to solve them.
#7: Identify experts in your niche you can learn from and interview them.
#8: Think of ways you can use yourself as a test dummy.
#9: Ask your audience what they want to learn about.
#10: Refute something consensual and make your headline controversial.
#11: Look at public support forums to identify the most annoying problems people face and try to solve them.
#12: Steal ideas from content distribution platforms.
#13: Create sub-topics for your most popular articles.

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