Paint Manufacturing Equipment and Price


A Paint manufacturing Plant needs the following equipment:


We can find the price for each equipment:

High-speed dispenser:


Apply to Paint, Ink, Coating, Pigment, Dyestuff, paper making and so on;
Function Used for liquid-solid Material dispersing and mixing
Characteristic 1. Dispersing Speed adjusted freely by inverter
2. Hydraulic or Air power elevating
3. Dispersing Head rotate 360 degree
4. High Shear Dispersing Disc & shaft made of Stainless steel
Installation Platform type and floor type
Production Capacity 0.4KW-132KW for Batch dispersing Capacity 1L-6000L











Price: US $1,000-20,000 (depending on capacity)


Price: US $5,600-100,000

It is perfect to disperse material which viscosity ranges from 3000cp to 30000cp.

Batch working capacity 100-2000L

More offers at:


Price: US $3,000-80,000  (capacity: 50L-4000L)

Price: US $2,500-3,500 (capacity: 2-5000L)

Automatic paint mixing machine

HTB15V6CKXXXXXXbXVXXq6xXFXXX7Automatic-paint-mixing-machine-computerized-color-dispenserAutomatic-paint-mixing-machine-computerized-color-dispenser (1)HTB11HbBKXXXXXXtXVXXq6xXFXXXA

Price: US $1-9,999






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