Process of paint production


Japanese word kaizen refers to continues improvement and to the idea of making things
little better every day (Stevenson, 2009, p.428). However, many ways of development
exists, making things little better every day like kaizen or then engineering everything
from scratch.
Metso Mining and Construction’s Tampere factory plant has almost 100 years of experience from steel manufacturing and machine assembly operations. Furthermore, during these 100 years, manufactured products and requirements have evolved and therefore, especially the oldest facilities and buildings do not match modern standards for industrial facilities. This situation created a motivation for planning concept of a Future Factory and calculating its benefits in comparison to present manufacturing facilities. This master’s thesis is made to support this concept and the related long term development plan.

See: Flowchart Water-based Paints Production Line
Future Factory project’s aim is to develop and re-engineer new production facilities and
production processes for Metso Mining and Construction’s Tampere factory. Term
production process in this case includes all the needed manufacturing operations, which
are required to provide customers assembled, tested and painted machines. This mission
includes operations such as warehousing and material movement, production planning,
testing, packing and dispatching. Furthermore, baselines for a new layout proposals are
that they are designed for completely new production facilities and land properties and
therefore the master plan is free from related constrains.


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