The expression of a dog’s muzzle depends on the person’s attention


Juliane Kaminski (Juliane Kaminski) and her colleagues from Portsmouth University, Great Britain, studied the facial expressions of dogs. It turned out that these animals do have certain facial expressions when interacting with people, for example, when they make big eyes and stick out tongues. Scientists described their observations in detail in an article published in the journal Scientific Reports .

Most mammalian species use facial expressions. Historically, the expressions of persons, or rather of the muzzles, of an animal were considered to be inflexible and involuntary manifestations of emotional states, rather than active attempts to communicate with others. However, scientists have wondered how much the dog’s facial expression is affected by stimulating stimuli (for example, food).

In the course of experiments, people either paid attention to dogs, or turned away, and either gave food or not. Observations showed that the mimicry of animals was much more mobile when the person was attentive. However, food, however, being not a social but stimulating stimulus, did not affect the behavior of dogs.

From this it was concluded that dogs are sensitive to human attention and this affects their facial expressions, which suggests that the expression on the dog’s muzzle is more likely a potentially active attempt to communicate with others.

However, it remains unclear how consciously dogs take a touching look, i.e. whether they try to manipulate us, but in any case it became clear that the expression of the muzzles, so to speak, is not a by-product of happiness or excitement. It seems that a man’s best friend is really sensitive to human attention, and the result is often the well-known irresistible “puppy eyes”.

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