Cleaning Chemicals: Isopropanol


Head down to your local pharmacy buy a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol:

this remarkable product contains isopropanol, the second most useful cleaning chemical in existence. Just pour it on and it will remove the ink in a jiffy.

Once you see how well it works, you might want to buy in larger volumes, without paying the ridiculous prices charged by pharmacies. It’s not available from hardware shops (more’s the pity), but should be readily available from chemical suppliers (look in the Yellow Pages).

Those of you that work in the electronics industry will probably already be familiar with it, as it is an extremely common chemical for cleaning electronic components, circuit boards, and so on, as it will strip off any oil, grease, fingerprints, and virtually anything else without damaging anything.

Although the common name is isopropanol, other names for it are 2-propanol and propan-2-ol.

Acetone (nail polish remover) will also work, but it’s a little more expensive and difficult to come by.

There are, of course, other ways is to get the ink off, but they involve a lot more elbow grease, and will not work as quickly as the isopropanol.

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