Colorcon transforms the sugar coating process with a new Opadry system


Colorcon announces an exciting process development for sugar-coated pharmaceutical tablets with the launch of Opadry SGR rapid sugar film coating system.

This new aqueous system delivers a more streamlined application process, reducing coating time from days to hours and improving manufacturing safety through the elimination of organic solvents.

Applying science and automation to the art of sugar coating, Opadry SGR means pharmaceutical manufacturers can easily transform their coating process with a faster and more reproducible method using standard spray coating equipment.

Although sugar coating is less frequently included in new product development, it is still a preferred way of finishing pharmaceutical products in many areas of the world, especially where less automated equipment is prevalent.

Providing a more convenient and faster coating system means existing production can be streamlined and significant savings realised.

Dr Daniel To, Product Development Manager at Colorcon Inc., explains: “Colorcon did extensive research and development to create a convenient, easy to prepare, high-gloss sugar film coating system that delivers speed and flexibility to the coating process.”

“Using similar ingredients to traditional sugar coating means an existing marketed product could easily be converted, saving real time costs; and new products in development can utilise a more expeditious manufacturing process.”

Greater efficiency using existing coating equipment

Kelly Boyer, General Manager, Film Coatings at Colorcon Inc., notes: “Opadry SGR is a fully formulated system, colour matched to meet the marketing and brand needs, for pharmaceutical products.”

“Through faster processing times, existing coating equipment is better utilised, which means further capital investment may also be deferred as production needs increase.”

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