Pharmaceutical Excipient Suppliers List


ARMOR PHARMA manufactures and markets 3 ranges of pharmaceutical grade lactose for all your applications.


Beneo – galenIQ™ is a water-soluble multi-functional bulk pharmaceutical excipient. galenIQ™ can enhance the palatability of medicine. It can be applied as a filler-binder and also as a coating.


Biogrund Filmcoating Excellence

Biogrund has its core business in Filmcoating excellence. Our unique and ready-to-use film coating, sugar-coating, tabletting and colouring products guarantee optimized results in a short time.

Captisol is an uniquely modified cyclodextrin, whose chemical structure was rationally designed to maximize safety and optimize interaction to improve the solubility, stability, bioavailability or lessen volatility, irritation, smell or taste.


Celanese is focused on the pharmaceutical and life science industry by offering innovation in custom polymeric excipients and polymers used in combination medical devices.


Colorcon is a world class supplier of pharmaceutical excipients and services with a stong expertise in advanced coating systems, modified release technologies and functional excipients.


Dow Pharma Solutions is a leader in global research, manufacturing and innovation of functional excipients as well as API’s for laxatives and colonic lavage, for hyperkalemia and hypercholesterolemia solutions.


GRACE provides Syloid® silica excipients which are the intelligent choice for many pharmaceutical applications due their unique morphology.


Ideal Cures is a world innovative leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical excipients and ready-to-use coating systems for solid oral dosage forms.



ingredientpharm is specialised in the development and marketing of niche pharmaceutical excipients for solid dosage form with a strong expertise in controlled release and taste masking applications.


IMPAG is an independent international trading and service group for more than 90 years in the fields of Personal Care, Nutrition, Chemicals, Pharma and Metals.


pharm-a-spheres With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and testing of pharm-a-spheresTM sugar spheres.


Sigachi Group, is one of the largest manufacturers of Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) in India.



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