Oncology: most competitive battlefield



Therapeutic battlefields heating up: focusing firepower

Winners and losers are likely to emerge in lucrative specialty markets (including oncology, diabetes and autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis), in an absolute sense and relative to each company’s own growth expectations.

Those three markets account for about US$200 billion in projected 2015 sales or about 40% of all prescription brand sales. Diabetes and oncology alone account for about 80% of the net branded prescription pharmaceutical sales growth over the next five years. Payer pressure is a key reason for this competitive dynamic and the M&A that may flow from it.

The more crowded markets become, the more important it is for companies to soberly analyze their prospects and respond accordingly: spend firepower where one can gain share while improving future growth prospects and divest in those areas where one is likely to become an also-ran.

Oncology: most competitive battlefield


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