Hovione strengthens inhalation services portfolio



Hovione announced that a new MG2 Tekna Precision Capsule filling unit is now online in its Portugal facilities

This investment reinforces Hovione’s services portfolio in inhalation product development capabilities, which include proprietary particle engineering technologies, formulation and capsule filling capacity to support from development to commercial scale projects.

Hovione’s new MG2 Tekna Precision Capsule filling unit complements its offering in encapsulation for inhalation products and has capacity for up to 110,000 capsules per hour with 100% net weight check and is fit to process highly potent compounds (down to 30 ng/m3).

This unit complements the MG2 Flexalab and Mettler-Toledo Quantos encapsulation units that allows capsule filling for Phase I and Phase II clinical trials.

In parallel Hovione has installed capacity in particle engineering suitable for inhalation, namely a multiple scale spray drying units for highly potent compounds, a new wet polishing suite and has strengthened its analytical characterisation toolbox.

From formulation composition, optimisation and precision capsule filling with 100% fill weight check, to analytical characterisation and scale-up to a commercial scale, Hovione can take product from the early proof of concept stages up to a fully developed and scaled process.

Together with its API and particle engineering capabilities, it can fully develop and produce any inhalation product at Hovione, from API synthesis to final drug product.

“We are excited to announce this new integrated offering, all at the same site where our scientists work together in the interface between particle engineering and final drug product for the benefit of an optimal product performance.”

“This will allow us to support our customer’s inhalation projects at all scales and contribute to accelerate drug development and manufacturing timelines,” said Filipe Gaspar, VP of R&D.

“These investments are driven by significant client demand, since the market is looking for integrated inhalation product development solutions that reduce programme risk and complexity. Hovione has all the ingredients for an outstanding partnership starting from clinical programmes and into commercial supply,” said Frédéric Kahn, VP of Marketing and Sales.


Based on more than 20 years of experience in inhalation, Hovione can speed up inhalation drug development, from a very early stage to a late development stage. Working with Hovione allows partners to take advantage of cutting edge particle engineering technologies and state of the art analytical facilities operated by highly skilled and responsive scientists.

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