Permeable epoxy coating for anticorrosion of concrete


In a new study scientists have developed a permeable epoxy based coating with reactive solvent for anticorrosion of concrete.

Concrete usually suffers from deterioration caused by ions and water soaking in the cracks, pores and other defects. Scientists have prepared epoxy solution with carbonyl solvent, where the solvent andepoxy can react with amine (curing agent) to form network.

Excellent anticorrosion performance

The epoxy solution has remarkable wettability on concrete surface, and it can even permeate into the pores or defects in concrete. After coating with the epoxysolution, the strength of the concrete can be improved to above 9.3 MPa. Particularly, the coated concrete exhibits excellent anticorrosion performance with total charge passed in chloride permeability as low as 130 C.

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