Docusate pharmaceutical grade surfactants


Docusate pharmaceutical grade surfactants are used as active ingredients (API) in the production of stool softeners, laxatives, ear wax removers and iron and vitamin preparations.

Docusate products are also used as excipients where they have several functions:

  • Solubilizing agent for poorly soluble APIs
  • Increase bioavailability and therefore efficiency of API by increasing solubility of API the amount available to permeate gut is higher
  • Increases stability of nanoparticles thus increasing efficiency of API, which facilitates the generation of fine particles of drug substance, and improves their stability thus increasing surface area and solubility
  • Improves solubility of APIs in manufacturing techniques such as HME
  • Aid in the granulation of hydrophobic powders through their wetting properties to ensure a uniform homogeneous blend
  • Can also be used as glidant, disintegrant, emulsifier, or mold release agent in a variety of drug formulations

The new DocuSolv™ pharmaceutical grade surfactants are specifically formulated for use as excipients in oral solid dose formulations (OSDF). They exhibit all the characteristics of docusate while offering additional handling and faster dissolution. These unique formulation aids offer:

  • Smaller particle size that dissolves faster and expands formulation effectiveness of more APIs
  • Better handling and reduction in processing time
  • Enriched bioavailability via decreased dissolution times under stomach conditions
  • Enhanced solubility, dispersion and wettability of API
  • Easy to create solutions with higher concentrations

Our pharmaceutical grade surfactants are manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) conditions, meeting United States and European pharmacopeias.

The docusate sodium products are pharmaceutical grade surfactants, manufactured under current Goods Manufactured Products (cGMP) and US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) conditions, meeting United States, European and Japanese pharmacopeias. These products are already used as excipients in a large number of oral solid dose formulation (OSDF) products that have been in the market for a number of years and similarly in other product forms. Cytec Solvay Group is the holder of the docusate sodium drug master file that the FDA has recently re-classified as Type IV.


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